Heyy my HubbyBoo
This is for YOU
I'm truly sorry if this troubling you a lot
I'm sorry cause make you love me too much
I'm sorry cause I can't make you satisfied with me
I'm sorry cause I can't be the one you like anymore
I'm sorry cause I just can't get along with you anymore
I'm sorry cause I can't make you extremely happy anymore
 I'm sorry cause I can't love you like before
I'm sorry cause you're not in my heart anymore


This is so DAMNNN to make such a stupidos decision like this
Sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :'(

I'm sorry cause I have to LET YOU GO from my heart
Please go away from me. Pleaseeeee

I'm sorry to do this as I just want you to be happy without me by your side
I hope you'll know my heart well

I'm sorry for everything that I've done to you sayang!

p/s : Kalau awak dah baca, then ni lah sebabnya saya tak contact awak lagi.
Saya harap awak faham.